The Best Affirmation Card Decks (And How to Use Them)

The Best Affirmation Card Decks (And How to Use Them)

Affirmation cards are a great way to give yourself a boost in positivity and self-esteem. Starting your morning with an affirmation card sets the tone for an inspired day.

Many people use affirmation cards to boost their level of self-love, which is crucial for a balanced and peaceful mind. We’re going to look at the best affirmation card decks and discuss how to use them.

While we are only recommending five of our favorite decks, keep open to the fact that there are hundreds of options out there. Or you can DIY your own if you want personalized messages.


What are Affirmation Cards?

Affirmation cards are a type of visual aid that you can use to help improve positive thinking. If you struggle with self-confidence or insecurity, affirmation cards can help retrain your thought process.

These aids are excellent for boosting your morale and starting your day in a pleasant tone. But they’re also great for helping to improve your mood when you’re feeling down.

There are different types of affirmation cards, but they all follow the common theme of having short positive notes to inspire you. These are typically written in first-person (I am a fierce warrior vs. You are a fierce warrior).

Some cards contain powerful imagery. The design can range from simplistic to elegant, chic, artistic, or anything in between. Or you can create your cards using templates found online.

The number of cards in a deck and the way you should use them will also vary by product. Most sets come with a guidebook that explains rules and use.

The Best Affirmation Card Decks

Now that we’ve talked about why you would want to use affirmation cards let’s get to the part where we discuss our five favorites. Remember that there are plenty out there, but these are five of the best affirmation card decks.

1. The Universe Has Your Back

The Universe Has Your Back is a 52 card deck of affirmation cards featuring mantras written by Gabby Bernstein. Bernstein is a self-proclaimed spiritual junkie, best selling author, and a life coach.

Each card includes a positive affirmation, prayer, or statement to boost your mood and improve self-love. These thoughtfully written words are sure to put your mind on a positive note.

And the attractive artwork on each card consists of watercolors created by artist Micaela Ezra. According to the creator, watercolors are a useful form of art therapy, so you double the love with the pictures and phrases.

Samples of The Universe Has Your Back:

  • Happiness is my birthright.
  • I choose to learn through love.
  • When I focus on my inner light, I see the world through the lens of love.

2. How to Love Yourself Affirmation Deck

The How to Love Yourself Deck is a collection of 64 cards, all written by spiritual author Louise Hay. Hay believes that you can overcome anything in life as long as you remember to love yourself first.

Each card has an uplifting message designed to bring you inner peace, acceptance, and self-love. The deck also inspires you to live your best life. The artwork on these cards is full of elegant colors and images, along with a powerful message.

Samples of How to Love Yourself:

  • I freely express who I am.
  • I am good enough.
  • I am grateful for all the wonderful things in my world.

3. Healthy Chicks Spark Your Bliss Deck

The Healthy Chicks Spark Your Bliss affirmation deck consists of 36 cards designed for use on the go. Store them in the included tuck box and pull them out as needed.

Printed in light pastel colors, this deck is all about inspiring inner peace. On the front, there is a mandala illustration. The opposite side has a mantra, journal exercise, and supporting steps to keep you on track.

Samples of Inscriptions for Healthy Chicks Spark Your Bliss:

  • Freedom card – I happily dance to the beat of my own drums and move freely in the direction of my dreams.
  • Mindfulness – There is no need to rush, seek, or force things to happen. All is good here and now in this very moment.
  • Enough – I let go of being superwoman, and know that I am perfectly perfect exactly as I am.

4. The Dreamer’s Deck

The Dreamer’s Deck consists of 54 cards (52 positive affirmation cards, one how to use card, and one cover art card), stored in a two-piece box decorated with a dreamcatcher.

Each card includes a dreamcatcher on the back and hand-painted watercolor boho artwork on the front with beautifully scripted mantras, affirmations, and personal mottos.

If you’re trying to inspire yourself to chase your dreams and never give up on yourself, The Dreamer’s Desk is the perfect solution.

Samples of The Dreamer’s Deck:

  • I am confident and courageous.
  • I am designing a life I love.
  • I am worthy of living my dream.

5. Affirmators!

Some people want to find a way to brighten their day without the mushy and deep self-love aspect. Comedian Suzi Barrett saw an opening in the market, so she created the whimsical affirmation cards named Affirmators!

Affirmators! uses cartoonish designs and a few inspirational wording lines related to the keyword of the card (Self-love, Ultimate Potential, Courage). There’s also an instructional card to help you use these cards properly.

Learn to cheer yourself up and be happy with these 50 hilarious but motivational affirmation cards.

Samples of Affirmators:

  • Self Love: I openly embrace a feeling of self-love (the PG kind). I love myself because I understand myself. I love myself as the most committed partner I will ever have. I show myself love any way that I can, and when I screw up I remember to be sweet and gentle with myself. If not, I’m gonna make myself sleep on the couch. Got that self?

How to Use Affirmation Cards:

The fabulous thing about affirmation decks is that they are versatile in how you use them. Some people like to pick one card in the morning and use that message as their mantra for the day. Other people use affirmation cards when they’re struggling and need a boost of morale.

Here are some common ways to use affirmation cards:

  • Vision boards
  • Carry in your pocket or purse (one card or the whole deck)
  • For journal prompts
  • Meditation mantras
  • Deep breathing
  • Share with friends or family
  • Put up around you for reminders
  • Read 5 to 10 while drinking your morning coffee
  • Pull one as a daily motto

Final Verdict

Affirmation decks are a great way to boost your morale and improve your self-love. These cards can be used in various ways, one a day or only in your time of need.

If you want to have an extra boost of motivation, we’ve given you five of the best affirmation card decks and how to use them. Happy self-growth, my friends. Remember always to love yourself.