How to Cleanse Your Soul

How to Cleanse Your Soul

Most people have learned how to live a healthy life. They eat right, get the proper amount of exercise, and stay hydrated. But to live a happy life, you also need to know how to care for your soul.

Learning how to cleanse your soul is a crucial step towards living a happy, fulfilled life. All the day to day living can take its toll on your mind, clouding your soul. It’s crucial to find healthy avenues to help dispel negative energy.

Learning how to cleanse your soul is a crucial step towards living a happy, fulfilled life. All the day to day living can take its toll on your mind, clouding your soul. It’s crucial to find healthy avenues to help dispel negative energy.



All of us are guilty of
becoming phone drones, as my fiance likes to say. I would say we’re more like
brain dead zombies, oblivious to the world around us in favor of our phones.

We find it easier to
connect with friends, family, and strangers from behind a screen, but we often neglect the relationships that rely on a personal face to face.

But when you spend more time on your phone than in real life, you can become overwhelmed. There’s always something to read, someone who’s commented, or a new product to buy.

It can be challenging, if not impossible, to relax and clear your mind when you’re always focusing on an electronic screen. For the good of your soul, learn how to step away; unplug from the madness.

How to Unplug

The best way to unplug is to get out in nature. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you leave your electronics behind.

Camping, fishing, and hiking are a few great activities to relax and recharge your batteries. Nothing clears the mind like a weekend out of the house.

But if you’re not big on spending a ton of time outdoors, a stroll (or jog) through the park works just as well.

Or grab your yoga mat and do a session in your backyard instead of the studio. Are you a golfer? Hit the course and play 18 holes.


Write It Down

Keeping your thoughts, jumbled in your head can drive you mad. But we get that there are a ton of things you think about that you don’t want to share with people.

Learn how to purge your mind by starting a journal. What you write down does not matter. This exercise has no right or wrong way, no secret for success.

The only thing that matters is that you write. It also doesn’t matter how often you record your thoughts. Do it once a day or once a week. Keep a notebook on hand and write things down as soon as you think of them.

What to Write

So what should you jot down? Anything! Talk about the things that frustrate you. Or your goals for the future. Confront your fears. Things often aren’t as bad as they seem when trapped in the internal timewarp in your mind.

Often, we find success with something, but there’s only so many times you can talk about it with other people before they start thinking you’re gloating. Use your journal to rejoice. Brag. Embellish. Let your big head explode on the paper. You deserve it!

No one else will see your journal (unless you choose to share), so don’t be afraid of emptying all your thoughts onto the page.

Set a timer for 15 minutes and just start writing. No pausing, no editing, no leaving things out because you don’t want to face it. 


Get Creative

Research has shown that having a creative hobby can help reduce stress and improve mental clarity. Hobbies can also boost your confidence and self-esteem.

The great thing about hobbies is nobody expects you to be a master at your craft. You don’t even have to let other people see what you do.

So what kind of creative hobbies are right for cleansing your soul? Anything that sparks your passion and brings you peace of mind will work.

Here is a small list of creative hobbies you could try, but this list is not all-encompassing.

Physical Creative

  • Dancing
  • Playing an instrument
  • Gardening
  • Cooking
  • Sculpting
  • Sports


  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Singing
  • Writing (novels, blogs, short stories, documentaries)
  • Web design
  • Filming
  • Special effects

How Does Creativity Help?

If you’ve never been the creative type, you may have to experiment with figuring out what hobby works for you. Don’t choose one that doesn’t interest you.

The point of a creative hobby is to give you an outlet to release stress. The goal is to have fun, relax, and get out of your head. If you pick a hobby that bores you or feels like work, you’re defeating the purpose.

For your soul to cleanse, you have to have a clear mind. You also need to have peace from your thoughts. You do this by getting lost in something you love doing. 


Be Mindful

We’re all guilty of negative thinking at some point or another. For some people, pessimism (negative thinking) is a way of life. For others, it’s a situational approach, meaning you’re only negative at times.

One of the biggest issues we deal with is dwelling on the past and panicking about the future. To cleanse your soul, you need to learn how to live in the now.

What’s happened cannot be changed. No matter what you do, the past will stay the same. As hard as it can be, you have to learn how to stop focusing on what has already happened.

The future has not yet been written. You have control of how things will turn out tomorrow, next week, and even in ten years. But at the same time, you’re not in control.

You could have your entire life planned out, but there’s no guarantee that life will agree with your road map. Unexpected things happen all the time. 

How to Be Mindful

The best way to live a happy life is to learn how to roll with the punches. Appreciate what you have at the moment. While you also give thanks to the events in the past that have led to where you are today.

When things don’t go as you’ve planned, adapt. Learn that stumbling is just part of the process, and it doesn’t mean your journey is over.

Keep your mind focused on the blessings you have in front of you. Be appreciative of what you have, even if it’s not everything you desire.

If you’re always worried about getting the next best thing, you’ll never find happiness. Be thankful for your past, hopeful for your future, but fall in love with your life in day-to-day living.

Cleansing Your Soul Matters

Your soul can get muddled from the overwhelming stimuli you experience every day. If you don’t find a way to clear your mind of all the turmoil, you can end up stressed and unhappy in life. We have explained how to cleanse your soul with four helpful and simple tips.