24 Proven Ways To Tell If A Girl ACTUALLY Likes You

Dating and meeting others isn’t easy. One of the hardest things is fearing rejection and trying to gauge someone’s interest. Men and women are on two entirely different sides of the spectrum, and it can be virtually impossible for a guy to recognize the signs a girl likes you.

Today, we’re going to help out all the guys wondering how to tell if a girl likes you so you can understand if the girl you’re into has feelings for you.

You Have Great Conversations

Wondering how to know if a girl likes you? Consider the content of your conversations. If you two find yourselves chatting for hours about anything and everything, this is a strong indicator she’s interested in you beyond a simple friendship.

She Touches You

Some people are just more touchy-feely than others, so it’s important to realize that while this may be a way how to tell if a girl likes you, she may just behave this way with everyone. Regardless, if she’s often touching you when you two are together, it may be a sign she’s into you.

She Doesn’t Like You Talking to Other Girls

Jealousy is a powerful indicator that the feelings you have for her may be mutual. Does she seem upset or annoyed if she sees you talking to other girls? If so, it may be an indication that she has a thing for you, too.

She Plays With Her Hair

When you’re wondering how to tell if a girl likes you, the way she behaves with her own body may indicate she has a crush on you, too. When girls play with their hair while talking to you, it’s usually an indication that they like you, too.

She Licks Her Lips

Another indicator that the feeling may be mutual is if she’s constantly licking her lips, or applying lip balm. If you notice her doing this multiple times in conversation, it may be an indicator that the feeling is mutual.

She Mimics Your Movements

Psychologists say that we mimic the behavior of those we’re attracted to. So, if you notice her doing similar things to you, it may be because there’s something more between you two. If you touch your arm or put a hand to your face, and she performs a similar movement, it might indicate that she feels the same way as you do for her.

She Compliments You

Compliments are great. When we get a compliment, we feel good about ourselves. But when the girl you’re interested in is the one paying you a compliment, it may mean a bit more than her liking your outfit. If you notice your love interest complimenting you regularly, it may be a sign.

She Asks You For Help

Maybe you two share a class, or you have a hobby she’s interested in learning more about. Whatever the case, it might be an indicator that she’s looking to spend more time with you, and show more interest in things you’re interested in.

She Flirts With You Via Text

These days, we spend more time texting our friends and lovers than we spend with them in person. If you notice that conversations with your love interest are getting particularly flirty, and she either initiates it or plays along when you flirt, this is a strong indicator that there may be something more between you two.

She Looks Down When She Looks Away

Psychologists believe that the way a person looks at or away from you may be a strong indicator of their feelings, especially if they’re usually shy or reserved.

If you notice your love interest looking down when she looks away from you, there may be something to that gesture, and it might be a good idea to shoot your shot with her.

Your Legs Touch When You Sit Together

When you two are close, how does she sit? Usually, when you’re not romantically interested in someone, you’re especially respectful of their personal space. But, if you’re hoping to get together with someone, you’ll be more eager to touch them or brush up against them. If your legs often touch when you sit together, she may have similar feelings for you.

She Improves Her Posture When She Notices You Looking at Her

We always try and put our best foot forward, especially when we know we’re holding the gaze of someone we’re interested in. If you notice that her posture changes when she catches you looking at her, she may feel similarly about you.

She Initiates Conversation

Conversation is at the heart of every relationship, and if you’re looking to have a relationship with somebody, you’ll likely try to talk with them as often as possible. Do you notice that she’s constantly looking to have conversations with you? It may be a strong indicator that she’s interested in spending more time with you.

She Asks Questions About You

This tip ties into the one above about conversation. One way to ensure that the conversation keeps going is to ask lots of questions. Not only does this show that she’s interested in learning more about you, but it shows she wants to keep the conversation going with you. Both may be strong indicators that she also likes you.

She Gives You A Nickname

Does she have a pet name for you? That might be your in! If you notice that the girl you like starts referring to you by a pet name or nickname, it usually indicates that she may have feelings for you, too.

She Buys You a Drink at the Bar

Once reserved as a way a guy could show his interest in a lady, the times have turned, and it’s not uncommon for a girl to buy you a drink if she thinks you’re worth her time.

Buying someone a drink is usually an invitation to spend some time with the person so you can enjoy your drinks together. If she’s picking up drinks for two at the bar, maybe she feels the same way about you that you do about her.

She Doesn’t Leave Without Saying Goodbye

We’re all guilty of leaving without saying goodbye from time to time. Whatever the reason may be for leaving without saying so, it’s something we usually feel guilty about. If you’re wondering how to tell if a girl likes you, take notice of whether or not she says goodbye to you, even when she doesn’t say goodbye to others. If she does, it might indicate she likes you.

She Laughs When There’s Tension

If she’s into you, she’ll probably feel uncomfortable if there’s tension between you. You never want to upset the person you like, and laughter is a coping mechanism many people do when they’re feeling tense or awkward.

If you notice she does this to you when there’s tension, it may indicate she has feelings for you.

She Initiates Sexual Conversations

This one can be a dead giveaway because girls usually don’t initiate sexual conversations with guys they’re not interested in. If you find that she’s open about discussing sex with you, or she looks to steer the conversation in a sexual direction, she may be into you.

She’s Interested in Your Interests

It’s common knowledge that we tend to like people who like what we like. If you notice your love interest beginning to show a penchant for your favorite hobbies or activities, it may indicate that she’s into you, and she’s trying to show you that you two are compatible for each other.

She Seeks You Out on Social Media Platforms

These days, social media is everywhere, and we spend tons of time communicating on these platforms. If you notice that the girl you’re into is seeking you out and adding you as a friend or following you on social media platforms, this may indicate she’s into you as more than a friend.

She Teases You

Remember growing up on the playground? Your parents would always tell you that if a boy hit a girl or vice versa, it was usually because they had a crush on you. The same holds true today. If your love interest is constantly teasing you, it may be because she has a crush on you too, and isn’t sure how to show it.

She Isn’t On Her Phone When You’re Together

We spend more time on our phones than ever these days, but we still manage to make quality time for the people we care most about. If you notice that the girl you’re interested in puts away her phone so she can be more present when she’s with you, it may indicate that she’s into you.

She Shows Signs of Oral Fixation When You Two Talk

If you notice her exhibiting signs of an oral fixation when you two are together, it may because she has a crush on you. So, if you’re wondering how to tell if a girl likes you, look to see if she chews on a straw or a toothpick or lollipop when you two are spending time together. This may indicate that the feeling is mutual.