How to Go Monk Mode for Peace and Productivity

How to Go Monk Mode for Peace and Productivity

One of the hardest lessons to learn in life is that hard work doesn’t necessarily equal productive work.

Many of us spend hours each day, pounding away at ‘work’ without seeing much gain. This is such an easy trap to get caught in and waste decades getting nowhere at all.

There is a better way. And it’s called Monk Mode.


What Is Monk Mode?

Named after the lifestyle choice associated with practicing extreme obedience, Monk Mode essentially means that an individual will eliminate all of the waste from their daily activities. Doing so allows them to focus all of their energy on predefined tasks to bring the results needed.

The idea of ‘Monk Mode’ is built around redirecting one’s energy. All of the distractions from technology and social obligation naturally cause us to focus our energy outward.

Each of those distractions leeches away at our productivity until we are depleted. Instead of focusing your energy on outward things, be intentional about directing your energy inward on yourself.


Benefits of Going Monk Mode

Many of us are constantly bogged down by things that happen in the peripheral. That means that we are not consciously aware of how much time and energy we put into bad habits and things that cause stress rather than take it away.

Using monk mode principles to hack your way to a peaceful and productive life can help you achieve many things that you are subconsciously robbing yourself of in your daily routines. 

One of the most measurable benefits is productivity. You can use monk mode to launch a business, write a book, or flip a house. Whatever your goal is, monk mode principles will help you laser focus your energy on productive tasks that will cut the time you would normally spend in half. 

If you commit to this lifestyle, there is a good chance you will see more than just increased productivity. Overall, happiness and contentment with your life will improve, your relationships with others will improve. And, your outlook on life or positivity will improve.

Monk mode is a good way to reset for anyone who feels like they have been stuck in a rut or weighed down by hard to pinpoint stressors.

Focus And Mental Clarity

Monk mode principles rely heavily on meditation and self-reflection to redirect energy from outward to inward.

Taking the time to slow down and focus inward will sharpen your focus and make your mind less susceptible to distraction.

Greater Empathy

Empathy is a skill that most people don’t realize they need to develop. The isolation from distractions paired with the time spent in self-reflection will naturally build more empathy, which will, in turn, improve all of your relationships.

Break Addictions and Bad Cycles

One of the biggest benefits of monk mode is to use it as a hard reset to eliminate harmful patterns and behaviors from your life.

If you struggle with sex addiction, prolonged abstinence paired with activities that bring your peace is an effective way to remove the addiction’s hold on your life.

The same principles work with any addiction, including food, gambling, and drugs.

How to Get Started

Monk mode is an intentional way of living. It can be for any amount of time, but many agree that they see the biggest benefit after at least one month of solidarity. If you are brand new to the concept of ‘Monk Mode,’ it can be beneficial to go extreme and lockdown for the first month. 

Once you have detoxed yourself from the unhealthy habits and energy detractors, you can selectively allow some activities back into your life.

If you will continue to practice selective Monk Mode, the key is to keep a rigid, scheduled balance between solidarity and selective participation in the surrounding world.


Basic Beginner List of To Do's and Not To Do's

Everyone has unique weaknesses, and what makes your list of things that you should be doing and the list of things you should not be doing will likely vary based on your personality.

But a good starting point for anyone new to Monk Mode productivity is outlined here.

Things to Eliminate for Monk Mode Peace and Productivity

  • Unhealthy food and drink choices (i.e., junk food, fast food, alcohol, illegal drugs).
  • Social media and other technology (i.e., checking your phone dozens of times per hour).
  • Needless, socializing (i.e., small talk, going to the bar).
  • Television or video games (or other wasteful entertainment).
  • Sexual gratification (in the spirit of a true monk)!

Things to Focus on for Monk Mode Peace and Productivity

  • Meditation (necessary for self-awareness).
  • Learning and personal growth (i.e., courses of study, workshops, reading books).
  • Physical fitness (necessary to reduce stress, promote health, and find peace).
  • Purposeful isolation (i.e., decline social outings and events outside of important events).
  • Dedicated work on important projects (time blocking with zero distractions).
  • Dedicated work on backlogged tasks (time blocking set aside to catch up on things that are perpetually behind).

The Takeaway on Using Monk Mode for Peace and Productivity

Monk mode is a little intense at first look. Many people might shy away from the idea of complete abstinence or refraining from enjoyable activities like television and social media.

But those same people probably live their day-to-day lives with a baseline of stress that causes bad moods, limited successes, and generalized lack of progress.

Monk mode is a serious commitment. Those with the highest commitment will see the best results. However, a quick word of warning.

Complete social isolation is not advisable. Most people need some social interaction for balanced mental health. The key is not complete isolation, but selective isolation that is purposeful in limiting distraction.